Diploma and Opportunities
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Few weeks from now, many students will graduate from state colleges. Many of them spend the last four, five or even six years going to school while at the same time juggling two or three jobs. Along the way, they have developed a strong work ethic. Their sacrifice is obviously unquestionable. In spite of the day-to-day stress, they will find a way to graduate. Unfortunately, the majority will struggle to get a job since their diplomas do not carry a Harvard or Princeton name. The fact that too many young graduates from state colleges are deprived of an opportunity simply due to the name of the institution on their diploma is deplorable and frankly, despicable. Too many young bright kids are left behind because an organization or someone refused to give them a chance.

I have a dream that one day each of us will not be judged by the name of the institution on our diploma, but by the content of our knowledge. What dissociate people is an opportunity. I am certain that the majority of folks who graduates from our reputable institutions deserves it. I am also certain that many of them are smart and work hard. However, going to a private school or reputable institution does not necessarily correlate with intelligence or work ethic. Having the right parents or growing up in the right environment play an essential role in the opportunity we get early on in our life. Opportunities and privileges are what separate many of us in society. Unfortunately, most of us become entitle and suffer from self-aggrandizement. Dominated by the “I” in us, we are quick to judge or to condemn others and tap ourselves on the back. The most hard working individuals and brightest people I met in my life do not have fancy diplomas or titles. Most of them never reached their peak because they were never given an opportunity.  Our access to privilege will not define our outcome or our success in life, however, the opportunities presented to us surely will. Giving a chance to this unknown and unlikely graduate might just be what you need to take your organization from zero to one.




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