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After the Las Vegas shooting, I stated as long as, we opt to remain in this vicious cycle of inertia, we just have to pray that our family is not there when the next tragedy occurs. We already expect it. I wished that I could say that I was wrong. My prediction never became a reality. Unfortunately, we were again reminded yesterday the consequences of a total failure of leaderships and inaction when it comes to gun control. Yesterday again, 26 people lost their lives for simply being at the wrong place at the wrong time. I still wonder how many will die before we stop flirting with madness. The hypocrisy of our leaders is beyond the point here. Too many of them are incapable to recognize or discuss preventable national tragedies that are the products of their inaction. Even though they might state that they will never leave the victims’ side or asked for prayers, their actions are simply a political facade aiming to only distract from their irresponsibility and their lack of moral conviction.

Now, I come to believe that the current situation is a product of our individual inaction and our collective indifference. Too many of us have forgotten that laws are a reflection of our attitude. They change when we shift our mindset. They change when we are willing to act upon our deepest yearnings. As an immigrant, I realize that what made America a beacon of hope is is the affirmation of social responsibility acted upon by each of generation. The continuity of this tradition depends on our current actions and choices. Each of us must reconnect with our individual conscience and realize that enough is enough. We can never accept to live in a society where tradition or norms trump over principles and constitutional laws are more valued than a human life.


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