The importance of strategy
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In my early twenties, I could not stay still. I volunteered at different places and supported different projects. I was ready to jump into any new opportunity. I said YES to everything and everyone. Along the way, I met people and heard stories that will forever shape my life. Those volunteering days expanded my network and taught me the skills that I needed to take my own path. Thus, I certainly recommend for anyone to volunteer and to work hard in different projects just for the sake of it. It never hurts. Through willpower, I grew a lot.  I learned a lot during those years, but I eventually realized that I had to stop. I eventually realize willpower without strategy is like sex without love. You feel the movement, but your actions will not have any meanings. Willpower needs strategy. Strategy needs willpower. The two are not mutually exclusive. The one needs the other.

On daily basis, I meet many motivated young individuals who work night and day to implement someone else’s vision and passion. They work to reach someone else’s goals. They are motivated. However, they lack discipline. Their actions become too diluted and multifaceted. There is a lack of consistency, a lack of direction. They confuse movement and actions. Imagining a vision and setting goals are the first step toward giving meaning to our actions. Nowadays when I say NO, it is not because I am no longer motivated. It is simply because I came to realize the limits of my capabilities and willpower. I decided to plan, to have a strategy. I realized it is the only way to turn my vision into reality. I opted to combine my willpower and strategy to focus toward one path, one direction. It is the only way to give meanings to my actions and to have a lasting impact.

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  1. Interesting take.

    A recommendation: try writing in smaller paragraphs so it’s easier to read on screens (especially mobile).

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