Business and Specialization
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Think about your last visit at the hospital. For most of us living in the Western World, we see multiples specialists for every visit; each only concern with their areas of expertise and disconnected from their respective peers. Each doctor treat our body as a divided entity. They compartmentalize us. Even worse, they rarely share their respective perspective or diagnosis. Since medicine is a very complex field, specialization is justifiable. It leads to an accumulation of knowledge and to better service. But, too much specialization and compartmentalization will eventually lead to failure to any given organization. Specialization explains to a certain extent the ever rising costs of care. Unfortunately,  business organizations are moving farther along these lines where specialization has become the norm with all its possible benefits and drawbacks. Each functional area from finance, marketing, sales to human resources are mostly made up people who have their own training, culture and language. When in reality, “there are no finance decision, tax decision, or marketing decision; only business decisions” as stated Peter Drucker. Solving the biggest world problems require an elusive mind that is capable of synthesizing knowledge from different fields.

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