The Promised Land Martin Luther King
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Our life begins to end the day we become silence about things that matter stated Martin Luther King (MLK). 50 years ago, MLK died with the promise that we would make it to the Promised Land. Early on, he fought for legal and social equality for people. However, he soon realized that the law made us equal, but men’s actions did not. He then dedicated his later years fighting for economic justice. He fought the war on poverty and not the poor. Unfortunately, our failure to realize, admit and confront some of our systemic and institutionalized problems has further distanced us from the Promised Land.  Prejudice remains imbedded on every facet of our society. The system he fought still epitomizes institutional racism, neo-liberalism and crony capitalism. Thus, 50 years later, neutrality and silence have only invigorated the oppressor; perpetrating the us. Vs. them mentality.

He believed that we, as a people, would make it to the Promised Land. He knew deep inside that America could and would never go back to the “good old days” simply because the arc of the universe bends toward justice. His fight brought light and understanding among people by reminding each of us that love and forgiveness were, and would always remain an option. Finally, he taught us that we were more than the collection of our differences and we must always take sides since there is a time when silence becomes a betrayal. As ignorance trumps over principle and we gradually normalize a way of life that devalues the environment, objectifies women and marginalizes poor communities, we must never forget that Martin Luther King died believing that we, as a people, will make it to the Promised Land.


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