10 things I learned in Business School
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Here we go:

  1. Business is a social endeavor with economic, political, environmental and social consequences: your actions matter
  2. Know your mission as an individual and the mission of your organization: it is what you stand for
  3. Your values matter: change-makers are driven by their beliefs not their knowledge
  4. To be successful in life, surround yourself with smart people and SHUT UP: intelligent people are able to recognize other people’s intelligence
  5. Be humble enough to listen:  listening is an act of love and humility
  6. Know your limitation: you do not know what you don’t know
  7. Framing is really really important: Your set of solutions will depend on how you frame your question, problem or needs
  8. Marketing is the price you pay for a bad product: think before you start or choose your solution or products
  9. Take ownership : your success depends on your ability to learn and unlearn, invent and reinvent yourself
  10. Embrace uncertainty: don’t be paralyzed by the lack of certainty and embrace uncertainty to become more agile, more adaptable and relevant



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