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With the sudden, unexpected death and apparent suicide of Anthony Bourdain, we are reminded that each of us is fighting their own internal battle. I have watched his show on CNNhere and there and I am saddened to see the world lose such a gifted and talented storyteller. He had a unique talent for telling stories in a manner that both captivate your attention and expand your sense of curiosity.

Anthony Bourdain’s death is a reminder that money, fame or power does make people happier. Too many of us keep live life believing that a little bit of more money or power will make us happier. Our society fails to realize that what really makes people happy is agency; the idea or the sense of feeling that one is in control of his or her own existence. For example, the cancer patient is often sad not because he is sick, but because with cancer, he loses his sense of agency. The family man is sometimes unhappy not only because he is unable to provide for his family, but also because he has lost control of his time. Celebrities certainly have all the aforementioned, but with our 24h news cycle and the ranging expectations of their fans, friends and family, they gradually realize that they have lost their agency. They become too busy fulfilling other expectations and along the way, they become unwilling to face or accept their own vulnerabilities. Furthermore, with the rise of social media, social isolation has paradoxically risen significantly over the past few years. Technology has made us lose touch with what it means to be a human, what it means to be alive. We have forgotten that in spite of all the followers and the likes, we are all fighting our own internal battle. What we mostly need is an ear to hear, a voice to listen and mostly importantly a helping hand.





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