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On November 9, the morning after Trump was elected President, I shared this on my Facebook:

“In order to give one’s life a meaning, one must have the ability to imagine and fight for a life beyond one’s own existence. This election is a consequential election that will affect America beyond the Trump mandate. The shortsightedness of Trump voters has only reopened old wounds. Today, a lot of minority groups or people of color will walk into offices and places, respect all the rules of decorum, but deep inside, the trust gap between them and their white counterparts has only been exacerbated.

In reality, America is Trump. Trump is America. For those of us who interact in certain places or talk with certain people know that racial bigotry still exists. At least now, with this election of Trump at this specific moment in history, we can at least end with this longest lasting fallacy of AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM. America ain’t exceptional. Trump is a reflection of America. He is Jim Crow. He epitomizes the culture of winning at all costs. He is institutionalized racism, neo-liberalism and crony capitalism. He is the auto-destruction of humanity with the denial of Global warming. He is the war on the poor and not on poverty. He is the dehumanization of the undocumented and immigrants. This is America. This is Trump.

Now, I am also well aware that voting new leaders only brings new faces and waves of optimism or deception with the same old results. However, the days ahead requires courage and empathy. America can and will never go back to the “good old days” simply because the arc of the universe bends toward justice. We, as a people, need to realize that we are more than the collection of our differences. The Us. Vs. Them mentality only perpetuates a vicious cycle of abuse and bigotry. The fight must go on. It is our duty. It is our responsibility. There will be an end to this day. ” 

Donald Trump is deprived of any moral conviction and is clearly driven by the love of power, and not the power of love. This “clown” epitomizes everything that is wrong with this nation and should never be given a microphone. Now, as IGNORANCE continues to TRUMP over PRINCIPLES and we normalize a way of life that devalues and objectifies oppressed communities, we must never forget that from Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Robert Kennedy to Bryan Stevenson to cite a few, the story of this nation has been shaped by individuals who believed that we will make it to the Promised Land.

Leadership Matters….

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