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An episode happened to me today and I believe it partially illustrates why it is so hard to fight against racial discrimination in the U.S:
I went to Five guys with a friend. After arrival, we got off the car and headed toward their dining room. I opened the door and I soon was told that we have to call to order. We went back to the car and dialed their number:
Five guys employee: Five Guys, what can I do for you
I: I would like three cheeseburgers with tomatoes, lettuce, mayonnaise, barbecue sauce, and ketchup. I also want a medium fry.
Five guys employee: Thank you, anything else
I: No, thank you
Five guys employee: What is your name, please.
I: George Floyd
Five guys employee: (I could hear the complete silence and disbelief). He asked again what is your name again…
I: George Floyd
Five guys employee: ………. (silence)
Okay, your order will be ready in a few minutes.
Minutes later, a white woman came out with orders. Usually, customers are identified by their names. But this time, the order became the choice to identify customers. She kept asking each customer: did you order three cheeseburgers? Saying George Floyd was just too hard for her, I guess.
I honestly was not surprised because I expected it. I purposely said my name was George Floyd, not just because I am another George Floyd (I AM TALL, BLACK AND BEAUTIFUL), but also due to the fact that many good intentioned white Americans are unable to see that THERE IS NO RECONCILIATION WITHOUT TRUTH. For too long, their individual actions have normalized a CULTURE OF DENIABILITY. For this white woman, I cannot be George Floyd, not because of who he is (a black body) but simply because of what he represents now (systemic oppression).

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