Design Thinking 102: From Opportunity to Project

Inspiration-Ideation-Implementation process/Design thinking
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As previously discussed, design thinking is the art of combining what is desirable  to what is technologically feasible and financially viable to paraphrase Tim Brown. When a company embraces the framework of design thinking, it become more agile, more adaptable and more innovative. Most importantly, every problem becomes an opportunity. Every opportunity turns into a project with a beginning (short-term solution), middle(medium

Design thinking 101: From Problem to Opportunity

Design thinking/Innovation
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Let’s face it, with the declining era of branding and customer loyalty, innovation is nothing less than a survival strategy as already stated Tim Brown. Survival is no longer an option. We must adapt to remain viable. Fortunately, design thinking provides the needed framework to remain relevant in our competitive market place. It unleashes our creativity

Finding your Purpose

Ahmadou @YAP
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Finding one’s purpose requires an understanding of oneself, one’s heritage and most importantly, one’s deepest aspiration. It takes time. It takes reflection. It takes patience. It took me 25 years. My purpose is to inspire and to create opportunities for others. I was born to lay the path for others so that they can live a much more peaceful and meaningful life. Along the way, I might become a writer, a thinker, an essayist, a president, or even an entrepreneur. However, all these affiliations are only a mean to an end(purpose); a mean to empowering or lifting others. My purpose captures my essence and reminds me what is truly important to me. It is a call to action; one that add value to your humanity.

Un devoir de mémoire

Une nation divisée, un peuple en désarroi, des medias nationaux ou internationaux qui ont pour vocation de répandre leur propre idéologie ou agenda politique que d’éduquer ou informer le peuple, une discrimination flagrante et une jeunesse qui continue à vivre dans le désespoir. Je ne parle pas de l’Afrique du Sud pendant l’apartheid ou des

Capitalism: a god given gift

Capitalism: a god given gift
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Over the past century, Capitalism lifted billions of people out of poverty and created prosperity not just for a few, but for many.  It led to technological innovation, which as a result increased the per capita income and the life expectancy of individuals. The world saw progress in medicine, biotechnology, disease prevention and agricultural production etc… Moreover, capitalism promoted human creativity and incentivized individuals to solve worldwide problems. Most importantly, it contributed to the expansion of democracy worldwide. Unfortunately, over the past decades, capitalism has evolved into crony capitalism, known as the belief that the only purpose of business is to maximize on profits. It is an economic way of doing and thinking that led to the exponential exploitation of workers, increased inequality and also destroyed the environment.